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Our Team
Jon Backus
Web Developer
Ben Badua
Partner Success Manager
Ryan Bartlett
Front-End Developer 315.443.1872 x204
Meghan Baumer
Account Manager 315-443-1872
Tim Beauvais
Account Manager
Walt Bennett
Web Developer
Miriam Bernstein
Assistant Product Manager, Streaming Services
Mike Bielak
Account Executive
Mike Bleser
Senior Web Developer 315.443.1872 x150
Tina Bowman
Director - Project Management
Marc Brigham
Front-End Developer
Andrew Buchanan
Front-End Developer
Chris Cavanaugh
Senior Designer
Tim Crosby
Vice President - Client Relations
Dominick D'Agostino
Front-End Developer
Colleen Daly
Senior Designer
Adam Davila
Designer 315.424.3000 x160
Joe DeBenedictis
Customer Advocacy Director 315.443.1872 x119
Joe Flateau
Director - Product
Savanna Ford
Assistant Project Manager
PJ Gebhardt
Mike Gosnell
Assistant Product Manager, Streaming Services 315.443.1872 x142
Kerri Graber
Assistant Project Manager
Jeffrey Gray
Mobile App Developer
Emily Greene
Senior Business Development Executive
Abby Haessig
Marketing Manager 315.443.1872 x201
Josh Hazard
Director - Customer Support
Ryan Henry
Designer 315.443.1872 x154
Dave Jones
Creative Director 315.443.1872 x141
Meghan Kicak
Project Manager, Mobile Apps
Drew Knab
Web Developer
Kyle Ladd
Web Developer 315.443.1872 x121
Steve Lakomski
Web Content Producer 315.443.1872 x118
Tim Leister
Account Executive
Nick Machia
Front-End Developer
Mark Martino
Digital Production Manager
Alfred Morgan
Web Developer
Jeremy Morgan
Senior Web Developer
Matthew Morse
Front-End Developer
Cortney Myers
Bill Nelepovitz
Web Developer
James Neverette
Front-End Developer
Michael Nguyen
Mobile App Developer
Sam Okhman
Front-End Developer
Michael Payne
Web Designer 315.443.1872 x140
Sarah Potter
Assistant Director, Project Managment
Steve Przepiora
Senior Web Developer 315.443.1872
Caitlin Rielly
Executive Assistant 315.443.1872 x205
Matthew Romanowski
Account Manager
Jeff Rubin
President & CEO 315.443.1872 x203
Brittany Russ
Account Manager 315.443.1872 x114
Matt Schug
Director - IT Services 315.443.1872 x117
Vinny Scipione
IT Services Specialist
Steve Shipsey
Mobile App Developer
John Skolaski
Executive Vice President - Sales
Daniel Stewart
Web Developer
Korena Stowell
Senior Designer 315.443.1872 x115
Andrei Vieru
Chief Technology Officer
Steve Voutsinas
Front-End Developer 315.443.1872 x301
Daniel Wallace
Product Manager of Streaming Services
Demond Warren
Partner Support 804.270.6708
Katie Weinberg
Director of Partner Success 315.443.1872 x202
Dann Whitmore
Assistant Director - Customer Support
Natalie Wiesnet
Christopher Wojtanowski
Web Designer